czwartek, 24 listopada 2016

Teatr w kinie.

31 października nasza młodzież wybrała się na retransmisję sztuki teatralnej "Frankenstein" z Teatru The Globe z Londynu do Multikina.
Oto relacja Zuzi Sobeckiej:
On 31st October we went (unfortunately, by that I mean only Ms. Kocerka, our Polish teacher from my school, and Ms. Dargan, of course, though I mightve not spotted someone, for the crowd was more than great!) to Multikino, Złote Tarasy for another live play thatd been recorded earlier. But this time the task placed upon scrip writer and director (Danny Boyle, an Academy Award winner, and Nick Dear) was way more difficult - the play was after all based on a novel by Mary Shelly Frankenstein). Whats quite extraordinary about that particular display show (maybe except for gigantic queues by cash desks at the movie theatre) is the main character - the creature was played by both leading actors (the almighty Benedict Cumberbatch and Johnny Lee Miller), depending on which one you chose to come for (of course we went for the one with Cumberbatch!). Im quite sure that we all know very well its story but just for the ones that may not be so accustomed with it: Victor Frankenstein is a scientist, lives in Geneva, Switzerland, and has always found himself curious with another way of creating life, and after a major research he manages to make a being made of parts of dead human bodies he stole from a graveyard or morgue. Then, he abandons the creature simply because its hideous, and so wouldnt be able to adapt or live with other people. But it reveals that it can speak, whats more think, feel, just like a real human. With no one to tell him whats good or bad, he seeks vengeance upon Frankenstein, and in the way, he kills many people, including Victors younger brother William, and his newly wedded wife Elizabeth. Her death was followed by Frankenstein breaking his promise he made to the creature - he meant to built a bride for it, so it would never feel lonely again, after everyone it met was disgusted by its appearance. In the end, Frankenstein and the creature (whom it calls its master) settle a bargain to chase one another, for Victor wanted its death, yet wasnt able to kill his masterpiece, and the creature felt like couldnt leave him. This very play was a whole new world comparing to Romeo  Juliet, which was great, though it was just a whole different level of acting, and I think we can all agree with that. Benedict Cumberbatchs performance was stunning, the most gripping scene was definitely the opening one, it literally made me and my friend speechless! The amount of physical effort put in his part was also huge. Most surely great to watch, it was a magical experience! Plus, I made some new amazing friends, which is also a delightful benefit from such meetings, and thats also what draws me back to them! Thank you very much!

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