16 maja, 2022

Robin relacjonuje!

Dziś zdjęcia i relacja Robina – jednego z uczestników naszej wymiany:

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Today we were in the Museum „Powstania
Warszawskiego”. Its about the war between Poland and German. I
mean: what was the situation between polish people and german people
. We’ve heard an interview with an old german soldier. He was in
Poland during the war. The interview was terrifying, because the
soldier told that german people were shootting into heads of young
poor children. After visiting the museum, we went to “Arkadia”.
It’s a center where you can go shopping and eat in Restaurants. We’ve
eaten in a french bakery there. It was very tasty. I loved it so
much. Then we went for a walk to buy some souvenirs. After all we
drove by bus to school, took a meal and evaluated our interviews from
yesterday. It was about the thoughts of polish people about german
people. Later, we will have a movie evening. We will eat some pizza.
So I had to go. Do widzenia!