16 maja, 2022

Teatr brytyjski na wielkim ekranie.

Zapraszamy gimnazjalistów ceniących teatr w najlepszym wydaniu
na retransmisję sztuki Williama Szekspira “Kupiec wenecki”. Pokaz
odbędzie się w ramach cyklu “Sztuka brytyjska na wielkim ekranie” w
Multikinie Złote Tarasy 13 października o godzinie 19:00.
Chętnych prosimy o zgłaszanie się do p. Magdaleny Dargan-Wasilewskiej. Cena biletu 25zl.
zamieszczamy recenzję ostatniego przedstawienia “Romeo i Julia”, które
mieliśmy okazję zobaczyć dwa tygodnie temu, autorstwa Zuzi Sobeckiej.

On Septerber 15th, we went to Multikino in Złote Tarasy to watch a Romeo
and Juliet play filmed at the Garrick theatre, U.K., and displayed
there. Our quite small group consisted of Mrs Dargan, me and four lovely
students from the other school were she teaches English – Róża,
Piotrek, Kacper and Mikołaj. The whole play lasted for about 3hrs
(7:00-10:00 PM) and it even had a 20min break as if it was a real
theatre! Romeo and Juliet was directed by Kenneth Branagh and Rob
Ashford, with Richard Madden and Lily James who played the leading
parts, and one and only Derek Jacobi as Mercutio.
It was a Shakespeares heartbreaking tale of young love separated by the
hatred of their families – Capulets and Montegues. Everything started
from a fight in a street between Capulet and Montegue servants. Then, to
draw away Romeos attention from the girl rejecting his charms and
courting, his friends (Benvolio and Mercutio) persuaded him to go to
Capulet mask ball. There he saw Juliet. And they fell in love from the
first sight. Then, by the balcony, he acknowledged his love to her, and
they decided to get married shortly after that. Later on, Tybalt,
Juliets cousin who hated Romeo, got into fight with Mercutio, and killed
him instead of Romeo who didnt want to fight him. Then (Romeo) took
Tybalts life in revange, and for that he got banished by the prince of
Verona. Before that, he married Juliet by a befriended priest, Father
Laurence. As Romeo had gone to Mantua, Juliets parents tried to force
her to marry count Paris. Father Laurence suggested her to take a potion
that would only make her appear dead. With everyone thinking she was
actually dead, she was placed in her family tomb, awaiting for a burial
next day. Romeo was supposed to get a letter from the priest concerning
the whole plan but Romeos servant stole the messengers thunder, and told
his master his love was dead. So Romeo bought a poison, came back to
Verona, took it in a tomb, right by the lifeless body of his lover, and
she woke up! But he was dead, and at that sight Juliet stabbed herself
to death. Then their families found their bodies, the prince was
informed, and they all reconciled!
The whole plot took place in 50s, and was filmed in black and white,
preluded by some short interviews with teenagers concerning being one of
them nowadays, and their love life. And although the translation was
not so very accurate, I loved the comedy and basically everything about
that evening! Im eagerly waiting for Frankenstein on Halloween with
Benedict Cumberbatch!! It was an amazing both cultural and social
experience, and Id love to go there once more!